Qualities of the Best Celebrity Photo Website

Where do you usually get your celebrity images? Do you get them from Google? If you do, you might want to change that habit. It is true that Google provides you with millions of celerity images to choose from, but not all of them are free to use. You can be in serious trouble if you are caught by the copyright police. Not only will you pay for hefty charges, you can also ruin your reputation. To avoid all these, you need to find the best celebrity photo website.

How can you tell that the stock photo website is a good source of celebrity images? Here are some qualities you should look for in a stock site to determine your next primary celebrity image source.

  • License. The stock photo website should offer celebrity images with the right license. Most commonly, celebrity photos that you purchase and download from these websites include the Editorial Use Only license. This means that you can only use the image on blogs and websites that do not make a profit. You cannot use them on merchandise for sale. If a website says you can use them commercially, beware. You may be paying a high price for your own lawsuit.
  • Model Release. If you are using the celebrity images for editorial purposes only, you not need permission from the celebrity to use his or her image. But if you are planning to make profit from it, you need a consent from the said celebrity – regardless if he or she is famous or not. When you purchase a celebrity image from a stock site, you will not have a problem with model releases as long as you use the image according the website’s terms.

What is not allowed with Celebrity Image License?

You cannot use the celebrity photo for sensitive projects. You cannot use them in any defamatory, pornographic or deceptive context. This means you cannot use them in any matter in connection with adult entertainment venues, tobacco products, adult videos, dating services and escort services. You cannot also use them to promote a political candidate or to portray a person with physical or mental ailment. Moreover, you cannot use them to portray criminal and immoral activities.

The high quality celebrity images you will find in a reliable stock photo website are usually photo coverages from celebrity events around the world. They are not taken by paparazzi and other people who just happen to pass by. They are usually taken in red carpets, awards, music awards, fashion shows and celebrity parties. Since they come with Editorial Use only, you need to contact your local office for commercial and promotional purposes. This way, you can avoid hefty charges and reputation damages.

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