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What is the Best Source for Buying Images for Commercial Use?

When downloading stock photos for commercial use, you need to understand the type of license associated with them. Most come with a standard royalty-free license, while others can be purchased with an extended license. An extended license is an upgraded version of the standard license, which allows you to use the images repeatedly for profit. It comes with unlimited print runs and allows the use of images in products for resale.

Now, you can purchase photos for commercial use from various stock photo agencies. Check it here. Each offers different pricing and plans that suit your creative needs and budget. There’s the famous and well-established Shutterstock that offers extended licenses for as low as $68 per photo, and there’s iStock with the best price at $152. Other great sources of photos for commercial use are Adobe Stock and Depositphotos.

But among these amazing stock photo websites, the best source for buying images for commercial use is Stock Photo Secrets. SPS is stock photo agency specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. They feature a curated library of over 5 million premium quality images at very cheap deals. Over 100,000 more files are added every month, widening your choices to complete your creative projects.

Here’s how you can purchase images for commercial use at the stock site:


Extended License Packs
A new offering at Stock Photo Secrets, extended license packs lets you download stock images for commercial use. They are available for both members and non-members, with the former enjoying a whole lot of benefits. Images in the packs never expire, so you can download them anytime.

  • Single image. At SPS, you can download a single image with an extended license for $80. Become a member by having an active subscription, and you get to buy images for commercial use for as low as $40 each.
  • Packs of 5. Do you need a couple more images to complete your creative project? No problem! SPS offers a pack of 5 images for commercial use. You can get the entire pack for only $300 or $60 per image. Become a member and enjoy a 50% discount at $150 per pack or $30 per image.
  • Pack of 25. For larger creative needs, you can save more with a 25-image pack. Priced at $1100, you can download images for as low as $44 each. Subscribe to any plan at Stock Photo Secrets and you can purchase stock photos for commercial use for the lowest price of $22 each.

These prices are very competitive. They are by far the lowest stock photo for commercial use prices in the market. Subscribe to any plan at the stock site and you can enjoy as much as 50% discount.

If you want to make money by selling products with awesome image design, visit Stock Photo Secrets. This is your chance to maximize your profits by licensing images for commercial at very cheap prices. If you are already a customer, you have the exclusive opportunity to save 50% on all extended license packs. Hurry and visit SPS now!


Qualities of the Best Celebrity Photo Website

Where do you usually get your celebrity images? Do you get them from Google? If you do, you might want to change that habit. It is true that Google provides you with millions of celerity images to choose from, but not all of them are free to use. You can be in serious trouble if you are caught by the copyright police. Not only will you pay for hefty charges, you can also ruin your reputation. To avoid all these, you need to find the best celebrity photo website.

How can you tell that the stock photo website is a good source of celebrity images? Here are some qualities you should look for in a stock site to determine your next primary celebrity image source.

  • License. The stock photo website should offer celebrity images with the right license. Most commonly, celebrity photos that you purchase and download from these websites include the Editorial Use Only license. This means that you can only use the image on blogs and websites that do not make a profit. You cannot use them on merchandise for sale. If a website says you can use them commercially, beware. You may be paying a high price for your own lawsuit.
  • Model Release. If you are using the celebrity images for editorial purposes only, you not need permission from the celebrity to use his or her image. But if you are planning to make profit from it, you need a consent from the said celebrity – regardless if he or she is famous or not. When you purchase a celebrity image from a stock site, you will not have a problem with model releases as long as you use the image according the website’s terms.

What is not allowed with Celebrity Image License?

You cannot use the celebrity photo for sensitive projects. You cannot use them in any defamatory, pornographic or deceptive context. This means you cannot use them in any matter in connection with adult entertainment venues, tobacco products, adult videos, dating services and escort services. You cannot also use them to promote a political candidate or to portray a person with physical or mental ailment. Moreover, you cannot use them to portray criminal and immoral activities.

The high quality celebrity images you will find in a reliable stock photo website are usually photo coverages from celebrity events around the world. They are not taken by paparazzi and other people who just happen to pass by. They are usually taken in red carpets, awards, music awards, fashion shows and celebrity parties. Since they come with Editorial Use only, you need to contact your local office for commercial and promotional purposes. This way, you can avoid hefty charges and reputation damages.

Save Up to $3000 with a Getty Images Coupon Code

The power of imagery is undeniable. It conveys the most complicated of messages and turns the most boring websites into a whirlwind of colors. In short, it attracts more readers and consumers. Bloggers, web designers and businesspersons will surely benefit from signing up to a stock photo website and downloading the perfect images for their projects. Certainly, we all want the best for our work and the best are usually expensive.

Getty Images is one of the best stock photo websites in the market. It prides itself as promoter of freedom, creativity and community. For 15 years, it has lived up to its promise of bringing powerful imagery to the world. However, it has also been selective. Only creative professionals and societies with a large budget can actually afford its images. They have the highest quality images in the industry, but they also have the most expensive.

Fortunately, the stock photo website offers a new product that allows even small players to access, purchase and use its premium collection of images. Ultrapacks are a new way to purchase Getty images and are as good as a Getty Images coupon code. They offer great benefits and discounts with no time limits. That’s right! Ultrapacks do not expire. You can use them for as long as you want, provided you log on to your account at least once in every 12 months.

How much can you save with Ultrapacks?

With a Getty Images coupon code, you can save 10 to 15 percent max. But with the new Ultrapacks, you can save as much as 31% on your purchase. They are available in various volume sizes and image resolutions. With the lowest resolution at a minimum volume, you can save 8% or $75 for a 5 image pack of $800. With the highest resolution at the maximum volume, you can get a greater discount of 31% or $3000.

You can choose from over 50 million commercial and editorial images to jump-start your creative project. Just choose the Ultrapack that suits your creative needs and budget, and you will be good to download and use them. The stock photo website’s collection covers a wide range of topics and style. You will surely find the images you need. The license included with the Ultrapacks are custom. While they have some restrictions, there are also bonus rights that you will otherwise pay for a higher price in other stock sites.

With all these great benefits and discounts, getting an Ultrapack is as good as getting a Getty Images coupon code – perhaps even better. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the best stock photo community in the market, access one of the best photo collections and complete your projects with the best quality visuals.  

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